TK-Talkie Downloads

Here you can find firmware, settings and configuration files and even sound files including background loops, voice effects and more readuy to use in your project.

Firmware Update

Latest Version: 4.20

Download the latest firmware for your TK-Talkie. Instructions on how to check your current firmware version and upload the latest firmware to your TK-Talkie can be found on the firmware update page.

Source Code

TK-Talkie is a project you can build (or buy.) If you want to build it, you can get the source code from our GitHub account.

SD Card

These ZIP files contain everything you need to get started (minus the background loops because they are pretty big.) Just unzip the contents and copy them to your SD card.

Version 3

Version 4


These are samples of voice profiles you can use with the v4 firmware. You may need to adjust them to fit your voice. Download and copy to the 'profiles' folder on your SD card.

Some profiles are voice effects only, some are sound glove triggers only, and some are both. Remember these are just starting points for you to customize your own profiles, so you can easily add sound glove triggers, etc. You can download the sounds for each profile from the Sound Download page.

KEY: V = Voice, S = Sound Glove


The sound files and downloads have been moved to their own page.

Mobile App

The mobile allows you to control your TK-Talkie via BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy.) This is for version 3 and up of TK-Talkie with the Bluetooth module.

The app is available for iOS and Android. Click a link below to download it.

Version 2 (for TK-Talkie V4)

Version 1 (for TK-Talkie V3)


TK-Talkie V3 MkII Cases

The MkII cases are based of the original V3 case and is only slightly wider but allows for the BLE to be contained inside the case. There are two versions of the case bottom, one with 3 openings for 3.5mm jacks (ver A) and one with 4 (ver B.)

The STL files are separated into lid and bottom.

TK-Talkie MkII Lid

This lid is used for Standard, Imperial, Commander and Elite models.

TK-Talkie MkII Bottom Ver A

This bottom case is used for the Standard model.

TK-Talkie MkII Bottom Ver B

This bottom case is used for Imperial model.

Older Cases

These files are for older versions of TK-Talkie without the self-contained BLE.

TK-Talkie V2 Case 3D Print File

TK-Talkie V3 Case 3D Print File - Revised STL file for V3 case with extra side opening for mounting BLE jack.