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Voice processors add an extra level of realism, and there are many solutions available for troopers out there for all kinds of skill-levels and budgets.

Below is a comparison of different voice-effect products.

*Information on this page was compiled from the information available from product websites, Facebook pages, and input from vendors. If any information is incorrect, or if there are products that should be added, please Contact Us.


Product Type Customizable Background Loop VA PTT MSRP w/ Amp w/ Amp+Mic
TrooperTalk Software (iPhone) Yes via amp, external source Yes No $10 $45 $781
TKTalkie V3 (DIY) DIY Hardware/Software Yes Built-in Yes Yes $612 $96 $129
TKTalkie V3 (Buy) Hardware/Software Yes Built-in Yes Yes $75-$1153 $115-$150 $148-$183
iComm Hardware Partial via amp, external source Yes Yes $106 $141 $174
ROMFX Hardware Partial No Yes No $168 Incl. $201
TRamp Hardware Partial Integrated (8) Yes No $195 $195 $228
  1. Additional equipment needed
  2. Cost of parts
  3. Depending upon options selected

TrooperTalk (Available in App Store for iOS)

TrooperTalk is an iOS app produced by Andrew Brinkhaus and is compatible for iPhone 4S and newer running iOS 8 and higher.

Features include:

Customizations include:

Price Includes: iOS App

Additional equipment needed: Amplifier, microphone/headphone splitter, microphone

TKTalkie V3

TKTalkie is an open source DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project built on the Teensy 3.2 (Arduino compatible) hardware platform by Brent Williams (Because...Interwebs!.) that you can build or buy.

It allows for a high degree of customization since you can control all settings via a mobile app and bluetooth or via a text config file (or modify and compile the source code for the DIY version.)

Features Include:

Customizations Include:

Price Includes: Hardware for project

Additional equipment needed: Amplifier, microphone, external 5V power supply (such as cell phone charger battery.)


iComm is an out-of-the-box solution that is ready to plug-and-play. It supports both VA and PTT modes and comes with a PTT cable.

Features include:

Customizations include:

Price Includes: Hardware, PTT cable, 6' 3.5mm cable

Additional equipment needed: Amplifier, microphone


The ROMFX system is made in the UK and includes everything you need right out of the box.

Features include:

Customizations include:

Price Includes: Hardware, Speaker, Microphone, Protective coverings

Additional equipment needed: Batteries


The TRamp (short for Trooper Amp, and pronounced "tramp") system is an integrated voice-processing system that includes a modified Aker amp paired with a wireless microphone and is made in the UK.

NOTE: Since the original post, a lot of cool upgrades have been added including integrated loops and the ability to have Darth Vader and Death Trooper versions! Be sure to check out their FB page at

Features include:

Customizations include:

Price Includes: Hardware (Speaker, Wireless Microphone) and shipping

Additional equipment needed: None